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E. C. Atkins & Co., Inc.

1896 - Acme Folding Chair Company - C. D. Schermerhorn

1941 - American Swiss Pattern Files of Precision catalog

1999 - An Ax to Grind: A Practical Ax Manual by Bernie Weisgerber (USDA)


1864 - Bliven, Mead & Co. - Illustrated Catalog of Hardware and Tools

1888 - A Treatise on Belts and Pulleys by Howard Cromwell

1890 - The E. R. Burns Saw Co. Catalog

1890 - Builders' Hardware for Architects, Builders and House Furn. by Clarence H. Blackall

1891 - Bartholomew Braces Catalog

1909 - Barlow Hardware Co.  Price List

1900 - E. W. Bliss CO. Catalog and Price List


Belknap Hardware Co.


P. & F. Corbin Company

1890 - The Chow & Cunningham Co. Catalog

1915 - Agricultural Apparatus - Central Scientific Co.

1917 - Geo B. Carpenter Hardware Catalog

1919 - The Cleveland Twist Drill Co., Catalog No. 39 - Cleveland, Ohio.

2010 - Chappell Universal Square by Chappell Universal Square and Rule Co.


Henry Disston & Sons

1910 - The Defiance Machine Works - Catalog No. 200



1876 - Surgical Instruments Catalog - Evans & Wormull, London



Fort Pitt Hardware Co., Pittsburgh, PA

1916 - Frasse & Co. - One Century in Business by P. A. Frasse


1894 - George Gillies - Carriage Hardware

1859 - James Gregory's Catalog of Cuts and List of Prices



1900 - Hammacher, Schlemmer & Co. - Tools and Benches for Manual Training and Technical Schools.


1951 - How to Select, Use, and Care for Bits - by The Irwin Co.



Keuffel & Esser, Co.



Mahn & Co. - Engineering, Surveying and Scientific Instruments, 1893

Millers Falls Company

Monhagen Saw Works

Morse Twist Drill and Machine Co.


1889 - New Haven Wheel Company catalog


Nicholson File Co.

1926 - North Bros. - "Yankee" Tools Make Better Mechanics


1892 - Why Band Saws Break by Joshua Oldham

1937 - Saw Efficiency by Ohlen-Bishop Company


1866 - The Millerís, Millwright's and Engineers Guide by Henry Pallett



1878 - J. Rabon & Son - Measuring Rules and Tapes - Price List

1875 - Reuter & Malloryís Catalogue and Price-List

1895 - Riehle Bros. Testing Machine Co. Catalog

1898 - Rice Lewis & Son, General Hardware Illustrated Catalog, Toronto, Canada

1900 - Rice Lewis & Son - Bicycle Accessories, Toronto, Canada


Sargent & Co.

Saws, Saws and more Saws...

1950 - How to Refit Hand Saws and Bow Saws by Sears, 1950s (?)

1873 - J. B. Shannon - Illustrated Catalogue of Carpenter's Tools


Simonds Manufacturing Company

1893 - Smith & Co. - Catalog - Carriage, Wagon, and Sleigh Forgings



1917 - The Starrett Book

1895 - A Book of Tools by  Chas. A. Strelinger & Co.

1895 - Tools and Tool Chests by  Chas. A. Strelinger & Co.


The James Swan Company - Seymour, CT


1860 - J. Thomas - Practical Cabinetmaker, Upholsterer - Chairs Catalog



1884 - Vajen & New-Catalog of Hardware, Cutlery, Tools - Indianapolis, IN


L. & I. J. White Co. - Buffalo, N.Y.

1875 - A. A. Woods & Sons Company - Hollow Augers

1890s - Winsted Edge Tool Works Price List

1893 - The Waterbury Farrel Foundry Catalog







Sandusky Planes

Preston Planes


Plow Planes

Block Planes


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