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Tools and Tool Chests by  Chas. A. Strelinger & Co., 1895


In presenting to the public this catalogue of Tools and Tool Chests, we do so with a firm conviction that the articles described will meet and fill a long-felt want.

Tools in the different assortments are selected with a view to the greatest amount of usefulness for the various purposes for which they are intended.

We have been in the manufacture and sale of tools of all kinds for over twenty-five years, our specialty being high-grade Tools, Machinery and Supplies.

We began putting up Sets of Tools and Tool Chests about twelve years ago, and since that time our trade in this line has constantly increased, so that we are compelled to put it into a special department.

We believe we were the first to enter into this field, and are the only ones in it at the present time, if we except a few dealers in the larger eastern cities, who have for many years made it a practice about holiday time of putting up a few sets of good tools, in good, chests, depending upon local trade entirely.

The tools furnished in these sets, however, were taken from stock - regular mechanics' tools - and, while of excellent quality, were not well adapted to the use of boys and amateurs, being too large and clumsy.

The prices also were usually too high, on account of the extra expense attendant upon getting them out in small quantities.

Of the small sets of tools usually sold in toy shops and bazaars, we have but little to say. They are toys whether priced at 50 cents or $10.00, and while the smaller sets may serve an excellent purpose as playthings for young children, they are really of no value in the household.


All tools we send out are of first-class quality; with proper care will last a life-time, and being of the best quality, are hard to spoil even with careless usage.

Chas. A. Strelinger & Co.,


Bench Drills/Lathes


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