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Adria dovetail and tenon saws are guaranteed to cut fast and track straight. They are handcrafted one at a time and each saw is tuned-up and tested before shipping. Each saw is guaranteed to make a full depth, absolutely straight cut out of the box.

The hardness of the steel used for blades is RC52, which is hard enough to guarantee long use and infrequent need for sharpening.

Anderson Planes

Traditional style infill planes - Each plane skillfully designed and built using old world methods. Bodies of bronze, brass, or steel, carefully hand dovetailed to a steel sole, and then fitted with exotic woods. All components are hand-shaped and assembled.

Bighorn Forge

Forging metal has become a passion and a livelihood that has patterned my vision in life. I have arrived at a stage where I no longer grapple with the material. I revel in exploring the styles of the past, as well as expressing new visions in metal.

Blue Spruce Toolworks, LLC

Blue Spruce Toolworks designs, manufactures and sells only the finest quality woodworking hand tools. Blue Spruce tools are a return to the cabinet shops of old, where beautiful works were created by craftsmen working quietly, skillfully, with hand tools at a sturdy bench and with natural light streaming in through multi-pane windows.

Bowclamp - Good Caul!

Modern technology, used to realize an age-old idea... a perfect bow shaped arc.  The Bowclamp's patented design, made possible only with the help of computerized numerically controlled cutting technology, allows for equal and accurate clamping pressure along the entire length of the glue line... with only one clamp at each end!

Chester Toolworks

Fine traditional hand tools made from figured and exotic hardwoods-marking knives, awls, cutting gages, bowsaws, and plane hammers.

H.N.T Gordon and Co - Classic Plane Maker of Australia sold their first planes in 1995.

We are a small family business that produces a range of hand crafted woodworking planes for the person with craftsmanship in mind.  Any plane we make will be able to plane or scrape any wood without tearout.  We will only use high quality materials with a simple appropriate design.

Hock Tools 

We've been at this since 1981, starting out making knives and doing the craftsfair gigs, which has got to be the toughest marketing work in the world. The staff and students at James Krenov's Fine Woodworking Program at the College of the Redwoods here in Fort Bragg convinced me to re-tool to make plane irons for them.

Holtey Classic Handplanes

I want to tell you about one of Great Britain’s finest craftsmen. His name is Karl Holtey and he makes the best British pattern planes that I have ever seen. If I had to think of a single word that would describe this man it would be ‘Perfectionist’. He follows in the footsteps of makers with world renown, such as Stewart Spiers, Alex Matheson and Thomas Norris.   Jim Kingshott

Kansas City Windsor Tool Works

We Make Fine Hand Tools for Woodworkers. We equip our shaves with a pre-sharpened, A-2 Steel blade. This steel is used because of its exceptional ability to hold an edge and its durability. Our standard and extra large size blades are hollow ground on both sides, like an old fashioned straight razor.

Knight Toolworks - It's all about fluffy shavings!

The hand plane is an ancient tool, and its design has changed little over time. I do not see myself changing it. I do, however, borrow ideas from different cultures and traditions, combining the best of them into a new and better plane. I use Western, Japanese, and Chinese traditions.

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, Inc.

LIE-NIELSEN TOOLWORKS began in 1981 as an effort to make top-quality hand tools available again from a U.S. maker and to revive discontinued, but useful, designs so the average woodworker could obtain them.


Sauer & Steiner Toolworks was founded in early 2001 by Konrad Sauer and Joe Steiner. We had both been building furniture for many years - and infill planes were cornerstones of our furniture making. We loved their feel, performance, aesthetics and the heritage they came from. In 2003, Konrad Sauer became the sole proprietor and plane maker at Sauer & Steiner.

Traditional Handplanes

High quality handtools, especially handplanes, are hard to get. There are some good handplanes available, but they can't really match with the great toolmakers from the beginning of the 19th century.  Realizing that, I decided to produce them on my own using my professional toolmaking skills and the best materials I could get.

Wenzloff & Sons

While the saws we list are patterned after saws of our choice, we really will make any saw one desires. For instance, we might be making one patterned from one found in Moxon's book. As its size is roughly the size of the small end of our large tenon saws [14"], its pricing is based upon that saw.

Woodjoy Tools ®

...designs and handcrafts tools for woodworkers who delight in traditional woodworking. We craft durable tools that are both practical and a pleasure to use. We seek to improve traditional designs and to develop new tools that make hand work easier and more efficient.


Starrett Tools

Coes Wrench


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