Woodworking for Beginners by Charles G. Wheeler, 1906




The aim of this book is to suggest to armatures of all ages many things which they can profitably make of wood and start them in the way to work successfully.  It is hoped that, in case of boys, it may show them pleasant and useful way to work off some of their surplus energy, and at the same time contribute toward their harmonious all-round development.

It is not an attempt to teach the arts of architecture, carpentry, cabinet-making, or boat-building.  Although not intended primarily to impact skill in the use of tools (something which can only be acquired from experience and observation and cannot be taught by any book), still no one can go through the processes indicated without gaining at least some slight degree of manual skill as well as a fund of practical information and experience.

Many books which give directions for mechanical work (particularly those addressed to boys) have several serious faults, and can be grouped in three classes.


Some seem to be written by practical workmen, who, however well fitted to do the work themselves, lack the pedagogical training or the psychological insight necessary to lay out such work with due regard to the mental and physical capacity, experience, and development of youth, or to the amateur's lack of experience in the rudiments of the subject.

Others are written by teachers or amateurs who lack the trained mechanic's practical and varied knowledge and experience in serious work.

Others (and this last class is, perhaps, the worst of the three) seem to be made by compilers who have apparently been satisfied to sweep together, without requisite knowledge or sufficient moral purpose, whatever they may have found that would be interesting or attractive, without due regard to its real value.

All these writers are constantly falling into errors and making omissions harmful alike to the moral and the manual progress of the readers.




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