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The Amateur Carpenter by Hyatt Verrill, 1915



Of all branches of manual training there is none more generally useful then carpentry.  A knowledge how to use carpenter's tools properly and how to make simple article from lumber will never come amiss, and there is scarcely a man, women or boy who at one time or another has not had occasion to use some sort of carpenter's tool.

It may seem very simple matter to use a saw, hammer, screwdriver or other similar tool, but the nine times out of ten the armature does not use such tolls properly.

The value of the "handy man about the house" is well recognized, and as a rule the handiest man who possesses the best knowledge of simple carpentry; and it is to tell just how he can become handy in the use of tools, how he should care for them, and what he may accomplish with them, that this book has been written.



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