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Grinding Machines and Their Use by Thos. R. Shaw, 1921


The object of this book has been to embody in concise form the main principles of workshop precision grinding, and in the pages following will be found the results of many years' experience in the design and construction of grinding machines and close observation of their practical utility.

The subject matter is the basis of a series of lectures on grinding machines given by the author at the Royal Technical College, Salford. The author hopes, however, that the book will prove helpful, not only to the technical student, but also to the fully trained engineer, because precision grinding plays such an important part in all engineering work that every engineer should be aware of its possibilities. It is hoped the book will not merely be perused and put aside, but that it will be studied carefully and a desire thus be stimulated for closer acquaintance with actual grinding practice.

In the space available it has not been possible to give complete details of machines, and the reader who desires fuller information on these points is referred to Grinding Machinery by J. J. Guest, and Precision Grinding Machines by the author.

The author desires to place on record his indebtedness to the various firms who have kindly assisted him with information regarding their machines, and by the loan of blocks; also to the Norton Co., U.S.A., for permission to make extracts from their interesting trade publication, Grits and Grinds.




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