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David Denning

William Fairham

Ira Samuel Griffith

Robert Grimshaw

Paul N. Hasluck

James Francis Hobart

Frederick T. Hodgson

Charles Holtzapffel

Joseph G. Horner

James Lukin

Edward Russell Markham

Joseph Moxon, Fellow of the Royal Society, and Hydrographer to the late King Charles

Peter Nicholson

William Noyes

John Phin

Popular Mechanics Shop Notes


William A. Radford

Richardson, M. T. - Practical Blacksmithing


Joshua Rose

E. & F. N. Spon

Thomas Tredgold

Joseph V. Woodworth

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Joseph Rodgers' Cutlery

Tweedale’s Directory of Sheffield Cutlery Manufacturers

2nd Edition

In the 19th century, Joseph Rodgers & Sons in Sheffield was the most famous cutlery firm in the world. Its mark - the Star and Maltese Cross - was the most prestigious (and most imitated). Rodgers' is one of hundreds of enterprises profiled and illustrated in Tweedale's Directory.

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