Build a Sawbench with Christopher Schwarz

Build a Sawbench with Christopher Schwarz


Build a traditional sawbench as you learn the fundamental hand-tool skills including handsaws, chisels, bench planes,...[Read More]

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Bench Chisels

Bench Chisels
This will probably
be one of the most beneficial hours
you have spent learning woodwork. Chisels are such a fundamental...
[Read More]

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A Cabinetmaker's Notebook
A CabMaker's Notebook
A well known work by Krenov, this is the first in a series of four books written about the art and craft of cabinetmaking....[Read More]
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Sawing Fundamentals

Sawing Fundamentals


Learning to cut accurately with handsaws takes practice and the right techniques. Chris can show you how. He describes...[Read More]

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A Winchester Desk: Joinery Inside & Out

A Winchester Desk: Joinery Inside & Out


Secrets from the Past Revealed Learn the how and why of secret compartments Understand the joinery used to build classic...[Read More]

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Blacksmithing for Woodworkers: Forging A Compass (Video Download)

Blacksmithing for Woodworkers: Forging A Compass (Video Download)


In Forging A Compass, expert blacksmith Peter Ross walks you through the stepsat the forge and the workbenchto create...[Read More]
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Making the Ron Herman's Sawbench by Naveen Gogineni

The first time I ever heard of a saw bench was from a Chris Schwarz article on Popular Woodworking.

The one in the pdf in the article was an intimidating one for me because of the mortise & tenon joints etc.

After doing a bunch of research I came across another saw bench, again by C. S., but with "easier" joints.


Hand Plane Basics - part 1 by Bill Rittner

I am often asked how to get started using handplanes. So, here goes.
I chose the plane pictured below for this article because it is common and inexpensive.

It is a modern Stanley #5 jack plane made in England. I bought it at a flea market for $7. My purpose is to show you that just about any plane can be made to work well with some knowledge and work.

  Full Story>>
  Full Story>>  

Sorby: A Famous Sheffield Tool Making Family by Geoffrey Tweedale

‘SORBY’ is a well-known name in Sheffield tool and cutlery manufacture.

The family was an old one, whose members became prominent in the town’s affairs as magistrates and local government officials. The first Master Cutler (the head of the local craft guild) in 1624 was Robert Soresby (the name has had various spellings).

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Warran & Ted demands some respect - II by Kim Malmberg

This is a Warranted Superior hand saw. Nevertheless I will boldly state that it is one of the finest saws I have ever come across.

I cannot confirm the maker with absolute certainty, but the saw features a Warranted Superior medallion with the Disston keystone, so I’d be surprised if it was made by any other company.


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Isaac Youngs Wall Clock by Will Myers

The Isaac Youngs wall clock is a decidedly timeless piece.

The original clock, made by Youngs in the 1840 is in the collection of Hancock Shaker Village, Hancock Mass.

Even though time seems to be my worst enemy these days, I thought I would have a go at making one.


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Rumors, Facts and the Future... by Wiktor Kuc

I rarely post any "Editorial Note" or "Letter from the Editor" here. The site is informal and I focus primarily on content. However, there is something that needs a few words.

Many of you noticed that there are changes occurring in the "Contributors" menu. Some familiar names are replaced with new ones and an additional page - "Other Contributors" - was added. Yes, I am making small changes to the website...

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Rosewood Tote Repair Step by Step by Dominic Greco

I used a couple small pieces of rosewood to repair this rosewood tote. Now before you ask, "Why go through all this mess? Just make a new one!", I'll give you my reasons.

 First off, I really don't like making totes.

I can shape them pretty easily, but I consistently mess up the drilling for the counter bore at the top.

Full Story>>

James Howarth & Sons Ltd. by Geoffrey Tweedale

James Howarth (1811-1891) was the son of William Howarth, an edge tool maker, and his wife, Hannah.

James’ uncle, John, had been involved in Mottram & Howarth, an edge tool manufacturer, which had been listed in a directory in 1811 in Bridge Street.

In 1823, James had joined his father as a 12-year-old second hand or striker (forger) at another edge tool maker, Mitchell Bros,...

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Make a Tote by Bill Rittner

I have been making replacement knobs and totes for planes for number of years and through this article hope to pass on some of the knowledge I have gained over that time.

Making a new tote is not too difficult for the average woodworker, but explaining the entire process is rather complicated. So I have chosen to break this article up into several parts to make it easier to digest.

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Spot the Fake by Kim Malmberg

I love hand saws. All of them. In any shape and size. Since woodworking in my case is merely an excuse for dealing with rust I tend to spend most of my shop time working on saws, rather than with them.

Where I live I can rarely find any decent saws. Most of them are badly beaten with ugly or broken handles and damaged saw plates.

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Reviving a Traditional Tool Chest by Jason Stamper

A few years ago I bought and read Chris Schwarz’s book “The Anarchists Tool Chest.” When I found this book I was in the process of making a tool box with a lift-up front.

Even as I was making this toolbox, I realized it would end up being far too small for my burgeoning tool collection. After reading the book and thinking about it, I decided I would need to build my own tool chest.

Full Story>>

Notes on the Roubo Bookstand by Jim Harvey

A Roubo Bookstand is made from a single piece of wood.

It opens as pictured or folds flat. The design is actually much older than Andre Roubo (he wrote in the 1770s), it is a traditional form for supporting the family Quran.

Searching the Internet for “Roubo Bookstand” will keep you busy for many hours.

Full Story>>

Disston No. 77 Backsaw by Daryl Weir

If you saw this on eBay, just listed, with a 'Buy it Now' of $24.99, described as a 10" Disston No.4, what would you do?

This question and pictures were posted on, in Woodworking Hand Tools section discussion forum sometime ago. The suggested answers are interesting and some of them are posted here.


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Rinehart Museum Auction Yields Patented Saw from Alton, Illinois by Mike Urness

Several years ago I participated in events that marked beginning of the end for the massive collection of tools and other historic artifacts amassed by the former Elmo Rinehart.

It was displayed in the different buildings of his RRR Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Re-cutting and Re-sizing Saw Teeth with Paul Sellers

No matter the reason, this video show you how simple it is to cut new saw teeth in any handsaw.

Yes, that means from small dovetail saws to the largest hand saws you have. If you have a saw you ruined, then file off the teeth and reach for your junior hacksaw. You are on your way to a saw tooth re-cut you won't regret no matter the maker old and new.

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Joseph Rodgers' Cutlery

Tweedale’s Directory of Sheffield Cutlery Manufacturers

2nd Edition

In the 19th century, Joseph Rodgers & Sons in Sheffield was the most famous cutlery firm in the world. Its mark - the Star and Maltese Cross - was the most prestigious (and most imitated). Rodgers' is one of hundreds of enterprises profiled and illustrated in Tweedale's Directory.

Find more in the Directory.

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