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10 Essential Furniture Repairs DVD

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Buying & Restoring Hand Tools with Ron Herman

Buying & Restoring Hand Tools with Ron Herman


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Sharpen Your Handsaws


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Joinery Handplanes with Bill Anderson

Joinery Handplanes
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The Great Hand Plane Revival

The Great Hand Plane Revival


Bench-side instruction on tuning, sharpening and using your grandfather's old plane! [Read More]

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Hollow Auger by James E. Price

I just got home from the post office with this tool from Martin Donnelly. When I saw a photo of it on eBay I knew it belonged in my collection because I have collected hollow augers for well over 50 years and have never seen one made from a rabbet plane.

It has a handforged three-post tang so it could be rotated with a brace and a rabbet plane bolted to a block of wood with a hole in it.


Howarth's "Sheffield Pad" Brace by Jim Hendricks

James Howarth is one of my favorite names amongst the Sheffield edge tool businesses. His irons are commonly found in 19th century planes, yet he was far more than that. He produced many tools in the mid 1800s and this beautiful "Sheffield Pad" brace is testament to that. Listed as "edge tool maker, engraver, die sinkers' tool and cast steel auger...

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Thomas Moodey - 18th Century Plough Plane by Richard Arnold

Collecting 18th century ploughs is something of a passion of mine and this is the first example I ever found.

The plane is marked Moodey, and is almost certainly by Thomas Moodey of Birmingham. It is now thought that the earlier planes marked Moodey, Worcester, were by his father.

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This is a Stick Up! by Jim Hendricks

A few tools are considered uniquely British but few are
more deserving of this definition than the old "pig sticker" mortise chisel.

Still made in England today, this design hasn't changed much in more than two centuries, proof if it were needed that it was perfect to begin with. The strength of this style of mortise chisel is pretty obvious - brute force and virtual ...

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Building a Kerfing Plane by Kat Beers-McCormick

I am a woodworker who works 100% without power tools. I needed to make a tool to re-saw thick boards into thinner boards and to make my own banding and veneers. 

Tom Fidgenís kerfing plane was the tool I needed to build. I used the design in Tomís book, The Unplugged Woodshop, for the plane and added a moveable bridle fence of my own design.

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1840ís Plow Plane Tune Up by Jason Stamper

I have had this little 1840ís plow plane for a few years now and it has been a great tool.

A while back I did a whole write up on it that you can see here. This has been a dandy little plane and performed very well over the few years Iíve owned it. However, lately Iíve noticed that if I am cutting a deeper groove a problem arises.

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English Joiners' Mallet by James E. Price

I have heard quite a few discussions concerning mallets but I have seen no reference to fine English joiners' mallets.

I guess it is up to me to discuss one. I have used this particular mallet for several years and find it to be just the right one for tapping mortise and tenons together. It weighs about two pounds...

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Making a Winding Sticks by Jim Hendricks

The trouble with wandering into the mysterious world of real woodworking, aka - making furniture, is that you need a whole bunch of new gizmos to do it properly!

The benefit of being an amateur woodworker i.e. a toolmaker is that you can make these gizmos! Apparently, to make cabinets you need winding sticks. I often see people peering at them and go "umph" ...

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Stanley No. 55 Case by James E. Price

If you own a Stanley 55 and all its parts, you have probably been frustrated on the best way to store it so you don't have to put it together each time you use it.

Someone, probably a finish carpenter, many years ago arrived at a solution to the problem and built a box to efficiently store his 55 with all its parts and cutters.

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Set of Marking Gauges for Pattermnakers - Casting Journal, 1910

I am sending sketches of a set of marking gauges made by me and which I have found very useful. They are light, yet strong, and le space in the tool kit.

A great many patternmakers do all gauging with one marking gauge, any measurement beyond the capacity of the gauge ...

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Mr. Punch Adjustable Mouth Coffin Smoother by Jim Hendricks

Not long ago I received a SORBY coffin smoother with adjustable mouth. It is in great condition but quite dry.

It needed feeding then waxing.

When selecting a possible candidate on eBay or other markets I always try to look for "crisp".

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18th Century British Button Pad Stock Braces by Richard Arnold

At a recent East Midlands TATHS meeting we had a discussion about early braces.

The first button pads to appear were made of iron rather than the usual brass examples commonly seen right through the 19th century.

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