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  Miner's Manual of Saw Hammering and Filing by J. H. Miner, 1905    

In presenting this my Fourth Edition on Hammering Circular Saws, I am pleased to state that after many years experience in the fastest mill in the Southern States, and in repairing all kinds of saws from almost every State in the Union, I find I cannot deviate very much from my original drawings, but I will, in this edition, go into further detail to better enable the inexperienced mill owner to succeed.

These instructions are infallible, and combine the principles adopted and practiced by all successful filers. Success means the mastering of any circular saw in any kind of timber.

It is unnecessary here to elaborate on the merits of the simplicity of my method, as they have been before the public since 1888, and there are now over 5,000 users of some in practically every section of the globe.

To this Manual is added a Treatise on Band Saws. It is so plain and simple that any practical circular or band filer cannot help but succeed if he follows the instructions given carefully. I have endeavored to avoid the use of "big words" and long phrases, that the proper idea may be readily conveyed. Remember that to succeed in the saw filing line requires a talent that books or personal instruction cannot impart, and only those adapted come up to high rank, but yet by close study the average filer can produce much better results.

Shingle and Gang Saws fully treated; how to hammer, set land file such saws. In short, a saw properly hammered, as per these instructions, will not heat or make any bad lumber. When I say this I make no exaggeration. Hundreds of the best filers in the world testify to this fact. These instructions are compiled after years of the closest study. No man in the United States has sought information more eagerly than I.

I have bought every work published and written on saws, have watched new saws very closely, and must confess that after over twenty-five years of actual practice in hammering and repairing saws I have found the secret of the proper place to put the tension In a saw.

I make no boast, but I do challenge the world to prove that my instructions are not only correct, but explained in the simplest manner.

Fraternally yours,
Lumberton, Miss, 1905


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