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The Pruning Book by Henry Disston & Sons, Inc., 1921

The need for a book that would tell the story of pruning in the most universal of all languages that of pictures, prompted the development of that plan in the following pages. With this end in view, the writer has endeavored to secure the best photographs showing the representative good and bad pruning from various sections of the United States. When these were secured, the text was built around them.

No attempt has been made to discuss relative merits of the various systems of pruning used in commercial orchards and vineyards, the aim being to illustrate those methods found to be generally adapted to the variety and section under discussion, and call attention to and warn against mistakes so commonly made in this line of work.

"The Pruning Book" is not intended as a complete work on pruning. The writer wishes to express the thanks and appreciation of both the Company and himself to those who so generously helped by furnishing the prints and cuts so necessary to success, as follows:

  1. The United States Department of Agriculture, Figs. 3 to 12, 26 to 29, 31-B, 32, 37 to 42, 43-A, 44 to 47, 50, 58-A and B, 60, 61-C, 62 and 78-A.
  2. Bureau of Plant Industry, United States Department of Agriculture. Figs. 65, 66, 67-B and C, 69, 72, 73, 76, 83 and 84.
  3. The Forest Service, United States Department of Agriculture, Figs. 1, 13 to 24, 61-A and B and 64-A.
  4. The Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station, Figs. 36 and 43-B and C.
  5. The Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station, Figs. 51, 68, 74 and 75.
  6. The North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station, Figs. 52, 55 and 57.
  7. The West Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station, Figs. 53, 54, 58-C and 59.
  8. The Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station, Figs. 48 and 49.
  9. The Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station, Figs. 30, 34 and 35.
  10. The Country Gentleman, Figs. 70, 71, 77, 78-B, 79, 80, 82-B and 85.
  11. Mr. Harvey W. Porch, Figs. 56, 63, 67-A, 81 and 82-A.
  12. Mr. John T. Roberts, Figs. 2 and 86-C.
  13. Mr. L. Willard Minch, Fig. 64-B.

A large portion of thanks is also expressed for the assistance given through information and suggestions by the various State Agricultural Experiment Stations, and for the suggestions of Mr. Frank K. Phillips.


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