Fa. Schnizler GmbH was founded in 1924. The founders were Julius Closs, Walter Rauch and Albrecht Schnizler. The company was renamed "METABO" in 1932. The name was originally the product name for a metal rotary drill. (1)  I would assume then that this catalog was printed after 1932 but before 1934 when they developed their first electric drill. (No electric tools of any sort are shown in this brochure.) The company continues operations today under the Metabo name manufacturing an extensive line of electric power and bench tools of the highest quality. It appears that they no longer manufacture hand drills. When I look at the diversity of  hand drills offered in this brochure I can't help but compare them to our American company Millers Falls.  I have a model 180 drill. There is no Metabo Marking on it but the embossed letter S is there as pictured in this brochure. I wondered what the S stood for but now believe that it is "Schnizler". I most often see the Metabo name on breast drills with fully enclosed gears.


Page 1 Front cover

Page 2 Introductory page

Page 3 Full sized breast drills

Page 4 Breast drills and large hand drills

Page 5  Breast drills and large hand drills

Page 6 Hand drills

Page 7 Hand drills

Page 8 Hand drills

Page 9 Hand drills

Page 10 Hand drills and drill bits

Page 11 Bench drill presses and drill bits

Page 12 Bench drill presses and drill press vise

Page 13 Drill chucks

Page 14 Hand operated grinders

Page 15 Braces

Page 16 Combination machine (Rear Cover)

(1) All information about Metabo is from their current website