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Price List of Measuring Rules and Tapes - John Rabone & Son

Birmingham, July, 1878.


In issuing a New Edition of the Price List of the various articles manufactured by us, we have pleasure in pointing out to your notice that it is much more complete, and is better classified and arranged, than any heretofore presented. It has undergone an entire revision: A GREAT REDUCTION HAS BEEN MADE in THE PRICES of many of the articles, and in no case have any been increased.

This we have been enabled to do by the progressive improvements in our machinery, and the adaptation of the same to some of those processes, which till now have been effected by uncertain, and at the best, expensive hand labour.

The BOXWOOD RULES will all be found to be made of well-seasoned Boxwood of good quality, proportioned to the prices; and instead of having only a few inches divided into sixteenths, as those usually made in the trade, they are marked outside in eighths, and inside in sixteenths the whole length of the rule.

The ENGINE DIVIDED STEEL RULES are especially recommended for the fineness and accuracy of their graduation, being marked from 1/8ths to 1/100ths of an inch, and are invaluable to Engineers, Machinists, and to all who require great exactness. The other Steel Rules (pages 48, 49) for Smiths' use, will be found to be superior to those usually made.

superior quality, being marked by the most modern and approved methods.

In conclusion: Our aim will be, as it has been, to adopt every improvement in machinery, or otherwise, and to still progress and excel in the quality of all goods manufactured by us; and whenever reductions in prices of materials, or other means enable us, we shall offer to our friends, as we have hitherto done, every advantage in our power, and thus afford them greater inducements and facilities for the disposal of our goods with mutual credit and advantage.

Yours truly,


English Saws

English Chisel


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