Wm. Jackson & Company, Sheaf Island Works - Pond Hill,  Sheffield, UK



William Jackson & Co.

Merchants, steel converters and refiners, and manufacturers of locomotive engines, railway carriages and wagon springs, files, tools, saws, spades, picks, edge tools, sheep shears, sickles, and general railway stores.  Sheaf Island Works, Pond-hill.


Francis White, General and Commercial Directory and Topography of the Borough of Sheffield, 1862 (Sheffield: Francis White & Co., 1862), p. 118.


The information compiled here was made possible by contribution from Geoffrey Tweedale.  His new book, the "Tweedale’s Directory of Sheffield Cutlery Manufacturers 1740 – 2010" was a cornerstone to the reconstruction William Jackson's Historical Overview.

In addition, Prof. Tweedale shared his comments and guided my understanding of intricate details about Sheffield merchants and toolmakers.  His contribution of "WILLIAM JACKSON & CO – The Story of the Mark" piece included in the profile, adds to understanding Sheffield's ways of life.

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