To get the best performance from your handsaws they need to fit your body and be properly set up. Host Ron Herman shares...[Read More]

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Buying & Restoring Hand Tools with Ron Herman

Buying & Restoring Hand Tools with Ron Herman


Learn how to purchase old hand tools at a good price for restoration purposes. Rom Herman will demonstrate how to restore several types of hand...[Read More]
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Build a Sawbench with Christopher Schwarz

Build a Sawbench with Christopher Schwarz


Build a traditional sawbench as you learn the fundamental hand-tool skills including handsaws, chisels, bench planes,...[Read More]

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Bench Chisels

Bench Chisels
This will probably
be one of the most beneficial hours
you have spent learning woodwork. Chisels are such a fundamental...
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Joinery Handplanes with Bill Anderson
Joinery Handplanes with Bill Anderson


Learn how to identify, use, and repair wooden and metal joinery planes in this five hour instructional video that's...[Read More]
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Tool Blocks for Storage by James E. Price

It seems like I have lots of little specialty tools that I often reach for and in order to keep them organized and within easy reach, I keep them in tool blocks mounted on my shop wall.

The design of my tool blocks did not come from me but from a primitive lamp or candle shelf on the wall of an old log cabin here in the Missouri Ozarks.


Boxing Mr. Cox, part 3 by Jim Hendricks

In this part I will work on refining the profile and iron and we will do some final testing.

I allowed glue to harden overnight and I was able to sort profile and iron and test the plane.

As expected, there was a bit of shaving jamming at the mouth so further work may be needed in filling this area but it now cuts a perfect profile!

  Full Story>>
  Full Story>>  
Christopher Gabriel: Tenon Saw - Iron Back, 13.5 inch long by Anthony Waldis

This saw was found at a boot sale in Yorkshire, England. It was entirely covered in thick brown varnish.

Heavy cleaning with paint stripper was required to reveal the stamps on the iron back.

The saw has turned out to be one of only two known with the Gabriel stamp. The plate is 13- 1/2 inches long and 3-3/8 deep at the toe...

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Boxing Mr. Cox, part 2 by Jim Hendricks

In this second part of my article on the replacement of old worn boxing on an 18th Century 1/2" bead moulding plane, I shall be showing how the boxing slices are refined to match the old profile.

But first we need to make a scratch stock. Let's do it ... First, I found a piece of spring steel...

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Boxing Mr. Cox, part 1 by Jim Hendricks

Some weeks ago Douglas Claytor showed me a half inch bead moulding plane by John Cox, Deritend, Birmingham, 1770-1843.

Clearly, this plane has been making beads since then, judging by the astounding boxing wear! The front has worn all the way down to the profile base and this will render it very difficult to engage at the start of the cut.

Full Story>>

Once Lost, But Now Found Disston by Mike Hagemyer

This little saw was lost amongst countless rust laden and forgotten items that had been given up on and labeled as trash.

After being offered for sale with an adjoining miter box for 7 dollars with no takers I happened along. The sale was officially over and the only things left were destined for the dump. I was offered anything I wanted from the pile for free.

Full Story>>

How To Sharpen a Router Plane Blade by Jim Harvey

I have a couple of Stanley 71 router planes. The cutters are difficult to sharpen because the bevel is blocked by the shaft that connects the foot with the plane.

Last weekend, at a Midwest Tool Collectors show, I acquired a Stanley 271 which is similar to the 71 but only about a third of the size.

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Beardshaw & Son, Sawmakers - Sheffield, UK: Handsaw - 26 inch long, 8 PPI, Crosscut profile.

In 1860s the Beardshaw & Son Company established large steel processing plane in Attercliffe.

It was called Baltic Steel Works. Even than, they still produced variety carpenters tools, among them - saws. The saw shown here is a 26 inch handsaw filed with 8 PPI pitch, crosscut profile. It is from collection of Mari Subritzky. There is a small interesting detail about...

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Brexit and my Mullet by James E. Price

I call my latest shoulder plane, "Brexit" because shortly after the UK vote to exit the European Union the US Dollar rose significantly against the Pound Sterling. I hit the "Buy It Now" button on this fine plane on eBay UK.

It arrived shortly at my door and after inspecting it, I knew I had made a good decision to purchase it.

Full Story>>

Its name is Mullet... by James E. Price

Yesterday in a post (Facebook-Unplugged Woodworkers) I mentioned a "mullet" that I used to test the thickness of the bottom board and sliding lid of a case.

Apparently the term was one many of you had never heard before in the context of joinery. I learned what a mullet was from some of my old mentors who had been finish carpenters and cabinetmakers.

Full Story>>

Goodell-Pratt Co. - Complete Catalog No. 16, 1926

The catalog offered here is a result of cooperative work of the following individuals: Randy Roeder, the publisher of well-known Millers Falls Home Page website. Randy offered this catalog for scanning and free distribution through the wkFineTools.com website. Mark Stansbury offered his masterful scanning capabilities. Wiktor Kuc, the publisher of this website will host this catalog.

Full Story>>

Beardshaw & Son: Sash Saw - Steel Back, 14 inch long by Mari Subritzky

The Beardshaw & Son was one of the largest and long-lived company involved in production of saws and various other edge tools.

They also made saws for others, including tool dealers as well as other Sheffield sawmakers. This function was called "factoring" in Sheffield parlance. The company was an early exporter of saws to US and Canada.

Full Story>>

New Life for an Old Knife and More by Mike Hagemyer

Here is a recent junk store find that I hope will restore to a usable tool. It is for sure a bit rusty right now but it has a nice shape with plenty of blade left. In this state it looks unmarked and old. It is obviously hand forged with no frills.

The handle tangs are squared and tapered. The handles are a little loose but still in fairly good shape.

Full Story>>

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1912 - Handbook on Saws - Henry Disston & Sons, Inc.

1930 - Spear & Jackson, Ltd. - Catalogue of Saws and Tools

1916 - Simonds Saws, Knives, Files, Steel catalog - Simonds Mfg. Co.


Build a Viking Tool Chest with Don Weber DVD

Build a Viking Tool Chest with Don Weber DVD


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