Build a Sawbench with Christopher Schwarz

Build a Sawbench with Christopher Schwarz


Build a traditional sawbench as you learn the fundamental hand-tool skills including handsaws, chisels, bench planes,...[Read More]

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Bench Chisels

Bench Chisels
This will probably
be one of the most beneficial hours
you have spent learning woodwork. Chisels are such a fundamental...
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A Cabinetmaker's Notebook
A CabMaker's Notebook
A well known work by Krenov, this is the first in a series of four books written about the art and craft of cabinetmaking....[Read More]
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Sawing Fundamentals

Sawing Fundamentals


Learning to cut accurately with handsaws takes practice and the right techniques. Chris can show you how. He describes...[Read More]

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A Winchester Desk: Joinery Inside & Out

A Winchester Desk: Joinery Inside & Out


Secrets from the Past Revealed Learn the how and why of secret compartments Understand the joinery used to build classic...[Read More]

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Blacksmithing for Woodworkers: Forging A Compass (Video Download)

Blacksmithing for Woodworkers: Forging A Compass (Video Download)


In Forging A Compass, expert blacksmith Peter Ross walks you through the stepsat the forge and the workbenchto create...[Read More]
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  Eleven Grooved Box Step by Step – Part 7 and 8 by Jim Harvey

Now all the pieces are completed and have been dry fit successfully. I have sanded all the inside box surfaces to 280 grit as sanding would be difficult after the box is assembled.

Titebond III is used because it has a longer open time than the usual yellow glue but i still have to work very quickly.  All components are laid out and strap clamps have been adjusted so they can be quickly tightened.


Unusual Panel Saw - American Saw Co. by Wiktor Kuc and Joe Steiner

"Hey Wiktor,

I don't know if this interests you but here are some pics of a saw from a co. that is the first example I have seen (maybe you have some examples) but which I would think are relatively scarce.

The saw was in rough shape and the etching was nowhere to be seen behind some very thick rust."

  Full Story>>
  Full Story>>  
Refinish a Saw Tote by Bill Rittner

The first step is to strip the old finish using your favorite stripper. Then wash the tote and allow it to thoroughly dry.

Then sand lightly with #320P or #400P paper. Sanding too much will take off the “age” and that is not my intent.

The next step is to apply a coat of boiled linseed oil. The wood in this tote is about 80 years old and it is very dry.

I want some oil in the surface of the wood to make it less brittle...

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Woodrough & McParlin Panel Saw No. 8 XXX - 22", 9ppi, crosscut by Daryl Weir

Here's a 22" 9ppi cross cut panel saw made by Woodrough & McParlin for a Hardware & Cutlery Co. in St. Louis around 1880s.

We all know that Woodrough & McParlin is best known for the distinctive No.12 "Panther Head" saw.

While not a panther head, this saw is unique one because it's a XXX rated saw...

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The Eleven Grooved Box – Part 5 and Part 6 by Jim Harvey

Splines are made cross grain. This makes the strongest joint, but the thin blank will be fragile before gluing into it’s ultimate home. I like to use contrasting wood, Walnut for these Cherry boxes, Aspen for a Walnut box.

The first step is to rip down a piece of scrap leaving slightly more than an eighth of an inch of wood.

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The Eleven Grooved Box – Part 3 and Part 4 by Jim Harvey

This is a Stanley Miter Box, same as the one Roy uses in the Video. The huge back saw will cut just over a five inch depth.

In the video, Roy holds the stock with his left hand but I had trouble with the board moving so I use a couple of clamps. The side of the stock with grooves and lip strip is always facing the Miter Box fence. Here I’m making the first 45 degree cut on the leading end of the stock.

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Fixing Common Dings and Dents with Paul Sellers

You will probably come up against dings and dents in your woodwork from time to time, as cautious as you may be.

However, most times it can be easily overcome using a surprisingly simple method.

In this video Paul Sellers shows you just that, using every-day examples you can relate to.

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The Eleven Grooved Box – Part 1 and Part 2 by Jim Harvey

I’ve made about a dozen of these now and will document the next batch here with photos.

Most of the boxes I’ve made lately are in Cherry or Walnut and are pencil box size, 3″ x 8″. These next few will be larger, sized to hold 3″ x 5″ index cards. The lumber for this project is leftover tongue and groove wainscoat paneling from my fathers house circa 1974.

Full Story>>

Dovetail Saws Put to the New Tools Test by Peter Sefton

Needing to equip seven student toolboxes with dovetail saws, Peter Sefton and his latest crop of budding furniture makers test eight of the best saws from Britain and beyond, with surprising results.

When new students come and join me at the workshop, the initial few days concentrate on tool selection, sharpening, fettling and general care of both new and existing tools.

Full Story>>

The Eleven Grooved Box – Tools Set Up by Jim Harvey

I am a big fan of Roy Underhill’s “The Woodwright’s Shop”. Last fall was the 32nd season, and he’s still wearing the same hat.

The second episode was titled “The Eleven Grooved Box”, a project Roy uses in his woodworking school.  

I was attracted to this project because he uses Stanley 45 combination planes to make all eleven grooves.

Full Story>>

Setting up a Cap Iron by Bill Rittner

When fettling a plane for the first time a lot of attention is usually paid to the iron, or blade, and rightfully so.

It's because no matter what else you do to a plane if the iron is not sharp the plane won’t function at its best.

The next most important part in the process is the cap iron, commonly known as the chip breaker.

Full Story>>

Building a full size #4 Dovetailed Infill Plane by Don Wilwol

Making an infill plane has been on my list for quite some time now. Making tools to me is more of a hobby than the actual woodworking.

If you are looking to build an infill, you’re welcome to follow me along. I’ll try to keep the blog up to date as time allows and would love feedback from others taking the same path.

Full Story>>

Greyhound Panel Saw No. 8 - 20", 11ppi, crosscut by Daryl Weir

Here's a good example of a late 1890's to 1900 "Golden Era" George Bishop No. 8, 20" panel saw with a very fine 11ppi crosscut configuration.

With it's cover top & let-in handle, this saw was meant to directly compete with Disston's D8 saw at that time. Unfortunately, Bishop's No. 8 saws show up far less often than the D8.

Full Story>>

Quick half-blind dovetails... the hard part by Zach Dillinger

If you want to make realistic reproductions, don't listen to the modern nonsense that every surface is a show surface.

Period furniture (i.e. when things were done by hand with speed) shows many tool marks.  A large number of 18th century furniture pieces I have studied exhibit deep saw overcuts on the drawer fronts.

Full Story>>

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2nd Edition

Taylor's Eye Witness factory in Milton Street, Sheffield – yesterday and today. The factory was built in Victorian times to supply domestic and overseas markets with pocket-knives, table cutlery, and razors. The firm is still in production. It is one of hundreds profiled and illustrated in Tweedale's Directory.

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