10 Essential Furniture Repairs DVD

10 Essential Furniture Repairs DVD

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Revive your furniture by learning professional conservator Joshua Klein's 10 must-know furniture fixes. Check and fix...[Read More]
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Buying & Restoring Hand Tools with Ron Herman

Buying & Restoring Hand Tools with Ron Herman


Learn how to purchase old hand tools at a good price for restoration purposes. Rom Herman will demonstrate how to restore several types of hand...[Read More]
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Sharpen Your Handsaws

Sharpen Your Handsaws


Anyone can Sharpen a Saw Learn secrets to sharpening backsaws & handsaws Discover the truth about shaping and set Cut...[Read More]

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Joinery Handplanes with Bill Anderson

Joinery Handplanes
with Bill Anderson


Learn how to identify, use, and repair wooden and metal joinery planes in this five hour instructional video that's...[Read More]
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The Great Hand Plane Revival

The Great Hand Plane Revival


Bench-side instruction on tuning, sharpening and using your grandfather's old plane! [Read More]

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Overzealous "restoration" by Jim Hendricks

Many years ago on a distant UK woodworking forum someone posed a question: "what is the most dangerous thing in a workshop?"

My favorites answer - "a sheet of sandpaper!" Well, today I am able to show this. I managed to win a very rare and old moulding plane on eBay UK for a mere £8. Why? Because some previous abuser decided to clean all the history off with abrasives.


Miter Plane Construction by Richard Arnold

The first plane I ever made was a low angle miter plane. This may seem a bit of an odd choice for a first attempt.

In fact it does have some advantages over a conventional bench plane build. One of the major hurdles to overcome is finding the right materials, but with this build I hope I can show that by doing a bit of recycling it's possible to use some ...

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Investment Casting by Paul Hamler

Sharing metal working and woodworking techniques as related to manufacturing miniature tools, Kentucky long rifles, and modern firearms.

When asked how he got started with miniatures he relates a story familiar to most of us — "after I collected most of the common stuff, I started collecting the exotics…."

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Making a Leather Strop - part 2 by James E. Price

Today I mounted leather on the wooden stock that I made in previous section. I took plenty of photos so if you want to make one like mine you have enough information to do so.

I have never had trouble finding the main ingredient for leather strops... leather. I didn't have to go to my stash for leather because ...

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Miniature Tools by James E. Price

Miniature tools are not toys. They work just like their bigger counterparts but at a much smaller scale.

I have made lots of miniature tools and I have been able to find small ones like the little boxwood spokeshave in the first two photos. I photographed it adjacent to a common English boxwood spokeshave which is 11 3/4ths inches long so you are aware of the scale.

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Making a Leather Strop - part 1 by James E. Price

I have to make a leather strop for my coffin making tool kit that is compatible with tools of circa 1800 so for the main stock I selected a rived red oak board that I split out with a froe 6 years ago so it is seasoned well.

I will leave the split marks on the bottom side opposite the leather.

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Learning Joinery by James E. Price

I started learning the finer aspects of it in the late 1960's and about 15 years later became proficient in it.

The bottom line is no matter how highly rated your tools are, you have a major learning curve ahead of you to be able to cut perfect joints every time in a wide variety of woods. Learning joinery is like any other skill that requires lots and lots of practice.

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Seaton's Mysterious "Butt" Gauge by Richard Arnold

One of the wooden tools that Benjamin Seaton made for himself is a small beechwood gauge that has two dovetailed sliding stems fitted with pins.

This is the gauge in the left side of the picture. The example on the right is a commercially made gauge with brass slides in a mahogany stock.

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William Cogdell's Round Moulding Plane by Jim Hendricks

Moulding planes from the 18th century are my favorite planes. William Cogdell worked in London during 1730 - 1752 years.

Today I won on eBay a round molding plane by William. I didn't really need another Cogdell's plane as I only intend to put one of each historic maker in the chest, but this one was irresistible, not because of the maker but...

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Unusual Plow Plane from Seaton Chest by Richard Arnold

Over 200 years ago, in 1797 to be exact, one Joseph Seaton bought his eldest son Benjamin a large selection of woodworking tools. There is a rare and unusual plough plane in the Benjamin Seaton tool chest. This Gabriel plough screw adjusters running through the stems of the fence arms.

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Making a Small Drawknife by Paul Hamler

Paul comes from a family of craftsmen, his father was a carpenter and according to Paul, could work in any craft and fix anything.

As a teen, Paul began a lifelong interest in the game of billiards and developed his craftsmanship by building billiard tables and selling them in order to, what else, acquire more tools. When asked how he got started with miniatures he relates a story...

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A Case for a Big English Chariot Plane by James E. Price

I made a case for a big English chariot plane today. If you have followed my posts you have seen various tool cases I have made to house my tools. I store them on shelves so I can select the tools for a project or pick and choose those I want for a demonstration distant from my shop and pack them in containers for transport.

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