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Joinery Handplanes with Bill Anderson

Joinery Handplanes
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Learn how to identify, use, and repair wooden and metal joinery planes in this five hour instructional video that's...[Read More]
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A Cabinetmaker's Notebook

A CabMaker's Notebook


A well known work by Krenov, this is the first in a series of four books written about the art and craft of cabinetmaking....[Read More]
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Holtzapffel Scrub Plane Working on Yew Wood by Jim Hendricks

I got a huge slab of English yew the other week from my new wood guy.
I just thought I would show how gorgeous my Holtzapffel boxwood scrub plane is.

This is no ordinary scrub plane. This is the true Rolls Royce of scrub planes. So beautifully does it scrub with its gaping mouth and razor sharp peeking camber that I had to force...


Another Tallow Pot by James E. Price

It is always good to meet my friends from the UK at Midwest Tool Collectors Association meetings and find out what tool goodies they brought to sell.

I added another tallow pot to my collection of specimens with carved boxwood figures on their lids. The first photos show the recent acquisition and the last one shows it with ...

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Reproduction of a 19th Century Rocking Cradle by James E. Price

I did some catch-up work in The National Park Service in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways Heritage Shop by almost finishing a reproduction of an original early 19th-Century rocking cradle. I started this project as a public demonstration and today I moved it much closer to completion. Perfectly clear pine was used to match the original cradle ...

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Building an English Steel Miter Plane – Part II by Adrian Britt

It is now time for me to focus on the infill. I have found after building several infill planes that it is best to make the infill when the plane can still be disassembled. Before peening, the infill can be reviewed and test fitted from 360-degrees. After final assembly, and for the fit to be perfect, the infill has to be slowly let or “smoked” into the corresponding body pocket.

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Old "Scotty" by James E. Price

One afternoon It was time to reorganize some of my tool kits I take to traditional craft demonstrations for The National Park Service.

In the process of unpacking and repacking chests I found my old buddy, "Scotty", an infill Scottish smoother that came to live in my shop over three decades ago. He's an awesome plane and I wish I could shake the hand of the man ...

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19th Century Cased Leather Strop by James E. Price

This post provides you a closer look at the 19th Century Cased Leather Strop incase you want to replicate it. It is made of mahogany and measures 9 inches in overall length. The leather is 7 5/8 x2 inches and the height, including the lid, is 1 3/4ths inches. Note that the bottom is cut out in the shape of a Cupid's bow and there is ...

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Homemade Gas Forge for Hardening Steel by Jim Hendricks

For the "Dinky Billy" Charity Mini Boxwood Smoother I promised I would make and harden the iron and instead of using my temperature controlled kiln, I promised to show how to build a gas forge on a budget.

This project follows closely an excellent online article by Jim Wilson. I will post a link in the comments but pay attention to his...

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Identification Icons on Tool Boxes by James E. Price

If you have followed my posts you are aware that I build cases for lots of my tools. I put the icons in recesses so they do not project past the surface of the case end. Today I made a circular recess to hold an icon consisting of some brass cherubs to celebrate The Victorian Era during which the infill plane was made that will be housed in the case.

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Building an English Steel Miter Plane – Part I by Adrian Britt

I have been fascinated and enamored by the metal English miter plane for a long time. However, due to their relative scarcity and significant purchase cost in the U.S., having one or two to use and reflect upon has always eluded me. After perusing the website of Bill and Sarah Carter and watching his many build blogs and instructional documents, I decided to build one myself.

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Decorating Wood with Punch Marks by James E. Price

A subject rarely discussed is a practice of punch decorating wood. I have several tools and pieces of furniture from the mountainous Tyrolean region of western Austria that have punch decorations on them. As a child I got to see an old German man, Walter Eckstein, using punches on some of the wooden things he made in his shop.

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My Favorite Workhorse by Richard Arnold

This morning I got to spend a bit of time to give my favorite workhorse a bit of a service. I use this plane on a daily basis and it works hard for its living.

Not only did it get a good sharpening, I gave it a clean and polish as well. It looked so good I thought I'd take some shots to share. The levercap on this panel plane is marked, Buck, 245 Tottenham Court Road, ...

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A Case for Two Planes by James E. Price

Last night and for a few hours today I worked on making a mahogany case for two planes that have been together for at least a century. I have owned them for only four days so they are new to my shop. Over a forty-year span I have made hundreds of dovetailed tool cases with sliding lids. Sliding lids are very effective in keeping moisture and dust from fine tools and are faster to make than lids that...

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Restoring Lambeth Paperweight - Norris No. 7 Shoulder Plane by Jim Hendricks

A friend, Ted Cole, of this parish recently acquired a Norris No.7 shoulder plane minus its iron and wedge, from John Crocker also of this parish. Apparently it was lately used as a paperweight, which is to be expected of these "West Country types". No respect for us Londoners!!!

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