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10 Essential Furniture Repairs DVD

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Buying & Restoring Hand Tools with Ron Herman

Buying & Restoring Hand Tools with Ron Herman


Learn how to purchase old hand tools at a good price for restoration purposes. Rom Herman will demonstrate how to restore several types of hand...[Read More]
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Sharpen Your Handsaws

Sharpen Your Handsaws


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Joinery Handplanes with Bill Anderson

Joinery Handplanes with Bill Anderson


Learn how to identify, use, and repair wooden and metal joinery planes in this five hour instructional video that's...[Read More]
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The Great Hand Plane Revival

The Great Hand Plane Revival


Bench-side instruction on tuning, sharpening and using your grandfather's old plane! [Read More]

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18th Century Dovetail Saw, Unknown Maker by Mari Subritzky

My friend, Mari Subritzky from Melbourne, AU, send me pictures and short description on a saw she recently found. She writes:
"I suspect that it could be a very early saw, so I'm very interested to hear others' views on the age or possible origin of the saw. It's 8" long, a tapered brass back that is very rounded on the top, the tiny handle is only 5/8" thick, ...


Breaking the Mould by Richard Arnold

The classic 22” beech try plane has not altered in form much since the middle of the 18th century.

Having recently finished making a version of an early 18th century jack plane, I decided it might be nice to make a try plane to partner it. Rather than sticking to the tried and tested formula I have set out to address some of the issues ...

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Repair of a Complex, Standing Fillister by Jim Hendricks

I love planes by the "MOONS" as their workshop was around the corner from where I first worked... also many moons ago!!
This beautifully plane was made by by Thos. or John Moon sometime during 1795 - 1828 time period. Their shop was located at 145 St. Martins Lane, London. The plane has a skewed iron and wedged nicker along with a screwed brass depth stop.

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Box for Two English Smoothers by James E. Price

If you have followed my posts you have seen photos of several cases I have made to protect fine tools both on my shop shelf and for transport my woodworking demonstrations at National Park Service cultural events.

Most of the cases I have made hold a single tool or an assortment...

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Remarkable Record of William H. Hart of the Stanley Works

Having for sixty consecutive years been honored with election to an executive office of the Stanley Works in New Britain and a good share of that time holding two important such capacities at once, William H. Hart, eighty years old, resigned as president on February 16. He accepted a newly created office of chairman of the board of directors.

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The Making of the Cast Iron Carpenters’ Plane at the Stanley Rule & Level Company - The Iron Age, Vol. 62

Few in the trade, and perhaps none out of it, appreciate fully the time, care, skill and peculiar refinement displayed in the manufacture of the highest grade iron body carpenters’ plane.

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Adams' Countersink by James E. Price

My post today in the parade of countersinks is one such tool patented by D. J. Adams on January 23, 1877 and assigned Patent Number 186,513.

Adams' countersink is adjustable by loosening a screw and rotating a threaded collar to advance the cutter and give it a ranker cut.

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Holding Jig for Moulding Plane Wedges by Anthony Waldis

One of the challenges when collecting moulding planes is the need to make new wedges or clean old ones and holding them can be difficult.

I made this little jig to help with the problem. It is easy to make and may be useful to someone else.

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Adding Countersinks to Your Toolbox by James E. Price

These are the countersinks you are apt to find in your travels and add to your unplugged tools since they are relatively common.

One is C. Kreb's Patent issued on May 12, 1868 and assigned Patent Number 77,819. It's cutting head consists of two wings rolled into a conical configuration ...

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Moulson Brothers Dovetail Saw by Anthony Waldis

This brass back dovetail saw dates from circa 1840 and was made by the Sheffield firm of Moulson Brothers.

The plate is 9 and ½ inches long and tapers from 1 and ½ inches deep at the toe to 2 and ¼ inches at the heel. A section has broken off...

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Sawmaker's Bit by James E. Price

... on the subject of past countersink bits, I bring to your attention one of the rarest and most obscure specialty bits used in the trade of making handsaws.

The bit in the photo is a handsaw medallion countersink bit used to bore the hole for the installation of the brass medallion on the left side of handsaw handles.

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Unusual 18th Century Rebate Plane by Richard Arnold

When the 3rd addition of British Plane Makers was published the maker of this plane was still something of a mystery.

S. Tomkinson mark was presumed to be from the Birmingham area due to the unusual form of the stamp, but we now know that the true identity of this maker is...

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1918 - Stanley Works Sales Convention - Hardware World, Vol.13.

1919 - Final Cost Measures Its Value - The American Artisan and Hardware Record, Vol.78

1897 - The H. Chapin’s Son Company - The Iron Age, Vol.60.

William H. Hart, Stanley Works

1898 - Method of Marking Level Glasses at the Stanley Rule & Level Co. -  Carpentry and Building, Vol.20.

1920 - Proposed Merger of Stanley Rule and Level Company with the Stanley Works - The American Artisan and Hardware Record, Vol.79.

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